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Founded September 27th, 2000


Adoption Page : Liberate a Dog !
Please visit your local animal shelter and liberate a canine friend!

Current Shelter-of-the-Month:

After Pack Guardian, Jesse Lane, was attacked by a racoon, while protecting Pack Leader, Houdini, we took a tour of this shelter and were impressed with the care and concern provided to rescued animals! Click on the banner above to visit their site. Adopt! Or volunteer to walk dogs (a good way to adopt the perfect dog in need of a home).

Previous Shelter-of-the-Month

We visited this shelter just before our club's Howllister Protest Run (because if we were arrested we wanted to know about the place the biker dogs would stay). We were so impressed at the dedication to animals shown by staff and volunteers that we decided to add this adoption page to our site and make Hollister the "Shelter-of-the-Month". There are some wonderful dogs awaiting adoption. Dog walkers needed, too.

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Also visit Dogs On Bikes a website dedicated to motorcycle-riding canines!

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